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System Architecture & Clustering Technology

The EZ-NetTools® connection to the Internet is one with a large capacity. In fact, the EZ-NetTools® system connects via fiber optic lines that support enormous bandwidth. These lines are rated OC/24 which means that there are 24 fiber lines available for Internet traffic.

This is an extremely fast connection. Just one fiber line transfers about 51,840,000 bits of data per second. Twenty-four fiber lines can transfer about 1,200,000,000 bits per second! Now that is fast. The quickness of EZ-NetTools® is greatly due to the great bandwidth capacity of our connectivity.

EZ-NetTools® is connected to the Internet by a SONET Ring. This connection creates "redundancy" which is a protection against accidental disconnection from the Internet.

With a SONET Ring, the connection to the Internet is made in two separate directions. This way, if there is damage to the cable in one direction, the traffic can be immediately routed through the opposite direction. This is one way we maintain a lifetime uptime statistic which exceeds 99.9%.

With Clustering Technology, multiple servers are connected to form a "cluster" of computers. Each computer in the "cluster" is connected to the Internet through a Load Balancing Router (LBR). When a request comes through to the LBR for information or services, the LBR checks to see which server is least busy and "routes" the request to that server. This provides optimal uptime and quick ease of use for our customers.

Simple Cluster Diagram
Simple Cluster Diagram

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