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Benefits of a Website

You can't be in business... and not have a web presence
because if you don't,
people will not take you seriously anymore!

What are the benefits of a website?
Bullet 1 Sell products and services on the Internet 
Bullet 2 Inexpensive advertising on the Internet 
Bullet 3 Affordable and unlimited advertising 
Bullet 4 Local, national and international advertising 
Bullet 5 Audio, video, pictures and text advertising 
Bullet 6 Reduce customer service and staff costs 
Bullet 7 Reduce printing, faxing, postage and handling costs 
Bullet 8 Save on printing brochures, catalogs and business cards 

Sell products and services on the Internet
With your website you can sell products and services on the Internet, maintain your catalog and allow customers to safely place orders through a secure server.

Inexpensive advertising on the Internet
With your website you will have inexpensive advertising on the Internet. Where else could you have this much local, national and international advertising at such an inexpensive price.

Affordable and unlimited advertising
Other marketing mediums such as television, radio and print all have time, space and size restrictions for your advertising. As you already know the cost for advertising in these fields are quite high. Your website gives you affordable and unlimited advertising at a far less cost.

Local, national and international advertising
Whether your focus is on local, national or international advertising, you will reach a much larger audience on the Internet. Your website will give you local, national and international advertising exposure at its best.

Audio, video, pictures and text advertising
Your website will give you the opportunity to use audio, video, pictures and text advertising. You can use them individually or all in conjunction.

Reduce customer service and staff costs
Your website will allow your customers to access information about your products and services on the Internet and at their convenience. This alone will reduce customer service and staff costs.

Reduce printing, faxing, postage and handling costs
With your website you will be able to e-mail, submit information request and do newsletters. This alone will reduce printing, faxing, postage and handling costs.

Save on printing brochures, catalogs and business cards
Printed brochures, catalogs and business cards can be lost or misplaced, unlike your website! As your business develops and changes are necessary you will be able to update your website in minutes! This alone will save on printing brochures, catalogs and business cards. With your website, people always know where to find you.

Additional Benefits of a Website
  • Works 24 hours a day, ready to receive orders online!
  • Expand your customer base!
  • Expand your hours of operation!
  • An e-commerce global presence for your business!
  • Impulsive purchasing with credit cards and a merchant account!
  • Produces sales at the time of decision!
  • Levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes!
  • Provides instant information to the customer!
  • Produces immediate customers and prospects!
  • Increases customer interaction without increasing staff!
  • Decreases marketing costs!
  • Increases sales!
  • Is quickly updated, to promote specials, sales and catalog items !
  • Provides information to employees!

Ask yourself these questions and you will know if you have,
or want to have, a simple and easy to use website.

Does Your Website Include...
  • Web Page Creation, Hosting, E-Commerce and Website Promotional Tools?
  • Free Form Based system, or is it limited to being template or catalog based?
  • Automatic method for generating HTML code conducive to search engines?
  • Manual and automated secure order retrieval services?
  • EZ-PageBuilder for creating web pages?
  • EZ-Catalog, EZ-Order Form, EZ-Shipping, EZ-Coupons and EZ-Checkout?
  • EZ-File Manager and Upload, EZ-Form Builder and Button Builder?
  • EZ-Bulletin Board, EZ-Calendar and EZ-Directory?
  • EZ-Submit to Search Engines and EZ-Link Trader Tools?
  • EZ-Counter, EZ-Mailing List and EZ-Affiliate Tools?
  • Meta-Tag Builder for creating your titles, descriptions and keywords?
  • Your own E-Mail Accounts and EZ-Online Mail?
  • Secure E-Commerce Services using SSL Technology and 3-Way Encryption?
  • Password Protection, Daily Backups and a Domain Name Manager?
  • Auto Save, so you don't have to FTP your files?
  • Unlimited Graphics or Pages you can implement?
  • FREE, online documentation, Technical Support and Online Chat Support?
  • 24/7 system monitoring, Battery Backup and Generator Backup?
If you answered NO to one (1) or more of these questions...
Get the website you deserve, place your order now!

Let EZWB "Get Your Business On The Internet" †TODAY!

Visit EZ Website Builders E-zine

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We Appreciate Your Feedback !
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