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Benefits of EZ-Net Tools

A template-based solution is very limiting. These solutions do not allow for the freedom to create. You must choose from a limited number of styles, colors, text and graphics. If a catalog is even offered, the number of items are limited unless, you are willing to pay expensive monthly fees. Using a template-based solution is often described as creating "cookie cutter" websites.

EZ-Net Tools™ is a "free form" system. This allows for freedom of choice. You can create from scratch whatever style you want. You can choose any color from the color palate. You can add text wherever you want. You can add graphics and pictures wherever you want. You can upload huge catalogs into the system. You can even include your own HTML or Java Script.

There is an incredible amount of flexibility with EZ-Net Tools™. Even with the newly released Model Sites we have created, you still maintain the flexibility to adapt the site to your specifications. After we have copied the site into your account, it takes on a life of its own based on your needs.

Here are the typical differences between a "Template" solution and EZ-Net Tools™.

Typical Solution:
  • Template-base
  • Limited Colors

  • Limited Styles
  • Little or no ability for modification
  • Limited Text
  • Limited Graphics
  • Limited Catalog Items
  • Limited Functionality

  • Limited Marketing/Indexing
EZ-Net Tools:
  • Free Form-base Solution
  • Choose from color wheel, color chart or add your own hexadecimal color code
  • Design your own Styles
  • Fully Customizable

  • Unlimited Text, placed wherever you want
  • Unlimited Graphics, placed wherever you want
  • Unlimited Catalog Items, for one flat monthly fee
  • Several programs integrated into one solution for added functionality
  • Use your own Domain Name and set up each page for optimal Search Engine Indexing, includes Promotional Tools

Get Started Today !
Get Started Today !
EZ-Net Tools™ provides you with complete e-commerce solutions, which puts the power of the Internet at your fingertips. EZ-Net Tools™ empowers you to create an entire website over the Internet without programming! Update and save new information worldwide with the click of a button (no FTP required).

If you are considering a web presence or your existing website is taking you nowhere, it is likely that your solution is incomplete. EZ-Net Tools, integrates all the pieces together with a new technology called "Hostware".
Developing a successful Internet presence for a business requires more than creating a good-looking web page. In fact, there are four major pieces to the "Get Your Business On The Internet" puzzle... Web Page Creation, Web Hosting, Website Promotion and E-commerce Solutions.

Web Page Creation
Web Hosting
Website Promotion
E-Commerce Solutions

Key Advantages to the EZ-NetTools® System

There are many advantages to the EZ-NetTools® system.
The list below highlights the key advantages over the solutions available today.

Website Creation Advantages
Integration – EZ-Net Tools combines the website creation applications with hosting, e-commerce, and website promotion. They all work together as one seamless solution. It is a "one stop shop."

Hostware - EZ-Net Tools includes over 100 software applications consisting of nearly 500 scripts that are easy to use with point and click control.

Beginners or Advanced Users - The EZ-Net Tools system is easy enough for a typical computer user to work and advanced enough to implement HTML and Java code from more advanced Web designers.

Easy Access - EZ-Net Tools is accessed over the Internet, therefore, you can modify your website, check e-mail, and even retrieve your orders from any location that has an Internet connection.

No Upgrade Fees or Installs - You always have the most current version of EZ-Net Tools without frequent and costly upgrades. Modifications are automatically uploaded to the system for free without any installation requirement on your part.

Free Form Technology - You can create and implement custom colors, graphics and layout designs without the typical template constraints. Pre-built Free Model Websites, however, are available and can save you money.

Hosting Advantages
Integration – EZ-Net Tools combines hosting with website creation, e-commerce, and website promotion. They all work together as one seamless solution.

Connectivity – EZ-Net Tools is connected to the Internet backbone through an expandable fiber optic cable. The cable is connected to a SONET ring which provides redundancy to our Internet connection.

System Architecture - The EZ-Net Tools system design is second to none! It is designed with multiple clustered server sets with Web traffic being directed by multiple Load Balancing Routers (LBRs).

Speed - The average response time for a typical web page hosted on the EZ-Net Tools system is between 50 and 100 milliseconds while the industry standard response time for a typical web page is 200 milliseconds (the lower the number the better).

Reliability - The EZ-Net Tools system uptime is above 99.9%! Our system architecture provides more redundancy, Watch Dog software, multiple cluster sets, power back-ups, and daily data back-ups.

Expandability - EZ-Net Tools is engineered with the ability to expand the system as necessary. Our expansions can be made without taking the servers down.

Security - To protect our system integrity, we follow stringent policies (i.e. no outside FTP allowed), and utilize the latest firewall technologies to protect the EZ-Net Tools environment.

E-Commerce Advantages
Integration – EZ-Net Tools combines the many sophisticated e-commerce technologies with website creation, hosting, and website promotion applications. Again, they work together as one seamless solution.

3-Way Encryption - For total security, EZ-Net Tools employs our advanced processing method called, 3-Way Encryption, which protects sensitive information through EACH step of the online transaction.

SSL Encryption Routines - All orders transacted through EZ-Net Tools use SSL encryption routines which are the most secure on the market today. E-mail and standard forms are not safe to pass sensitive data over the Internet.

Automated or Manual Transactions - With EZ-Net Tools, you can choose either our Automated Transaction Processing (ATP) or Manual Transaction Processing (MTP). Both processing methods have advantages and disadvantages so we support both!

Order Form or Online Catalog - Merchants have the option to choose EZ-Order, EZ-Catalog or both for online orders. Every business is different so we provide the flexibility.

Customizable Shipping & Payment Options - Shipping options are very flexible. Merchants can choose from a variety of shipping and payment options. Changes can be made very easy in a matter of minutes.

Website Promotion Advantages
Integration – EZ-Net Tools combines website promotion technologies with website creation, e-commerce and hosting. They work together as one seamless solution.

Unique & Multiple Domain Names - Domain names you currently own or may purchase in the future are easily directed to the EZ-Net Tools servers. You may use more than one domain name for your website.

Search Engine Preparation Tools - EZ-Net Tools makes it easy to prepare web pages for the search engines. The META Tag creator is a key program for proper search engine preparation.

Advanced Internet Marketing Programs - There are several advanced marketing tools that help increase traffic to your website. EZ-Mail List, EZ-Link Trader and EZ-Affiliate are all instrumental in successful online marketing.

Direct Submission - EZ-Submit not only helps with submission to the top search engines but also manages the submission dates so you submit your pages appropriately to the respective search engines.

Other Advantages
Free Customer Support - Plain and simply put, we support our system! We provide live customer support, online support, and volumes of help text to assist our users with their technical questions.

Affordability - with all of the features of this cutting edge technology and support, one would expect to pay a premium for an EZ-Net Tools account. This is not the case. For about the same cost as a typical hosting solution, you can take advantage of the entire EZ-NetTools® solution.

EZ Website Builders will provide you with the Hostware® account type that meets the needs of your business.

Want to Tour EZ-Net Tools™ ?

The EZ-Net Tools™ Tour is an interactive Flash presentation that walks you through each of the four main areas of website development: Web Page Creation, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, and Website Promotion.

This demo will highlight the powerful features of EZ-Net Tools and will show you how EZ-Net Tools can help you get a website online Quickly, Easily and Affordably.

Approximate load time of this informative presentation is between 1 and 2 minutes on a 56K dial-up modem. Download times will, of course, depend on your connection speed.

The wait for this in-depth presentation is well worth your time.

Please click on the link to our EZ-Net Tools™ Flash Tour and enjoy the show!

Click on Compare our Basic, Standard and E-Commerce Websites.

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