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Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting has a 99.9% Uptime
OC24 (Fiber Optics)
Although web hosting is only one portion of the EZ-Net Tools™ system, a high-performance service that meets our stringent standards is absolutely essential. The ability of EZ-Net Tools™ to sustain a solid web hosting solution lies in our unyielding determination to develop state-of-the-art technologies, which provide a system that is reliable, fast, expandable and secure.

We know that when your website is online with us, the reliability of our web hosting service is one of the most important factors to your success. If your web hosting service goes down frequently, people won't find your website and they may never come back! If your host is down, you risk losing sales.

EZ-NetTools® combines hosting with website creation, e-commerce, and website promotion. They all work together as one seamless solution.

Response Time
The industry standard response time for a typical web page is 200 milliseconds. The average response time for a typical web page hosted on the EZ-Net Tools™ system is between 50 and 100 milliseconds. (The smaller the number the faster the response time) Now that's fast!

To achieve the fastest response time possible, we carefully select only the highest quality computer parts and equipment to implement into the EZ-Net Tools™ system. With the highest quality equipment and intelligent administration, we are able to consistently produce response times well below the industry standard.

Web Hosting - 99.9% Uptime
OC24 (Fiber Optics)
EZ-Net Tools "Web Hosting" is state-of-the-art technology!

EZ-Net Tools™ is a combination of software and hardware, which is accessed over the Internet.

This solution is known throughout the Internet as "Hostware."

No FTP Required!
Web hosting companies do not offer complete integration. For example, a separate process called File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is required to move files from your PC to the host computer. With our system when you save your web pages, they are immediately saved on the Internet, worldwide, NO FTP.

With our unprecedented System Architecture, the EZ-Net Tools™ system uptime is above 99.9%! Employing multiple server clusters and routing web traffic through Load Balancing Routers (LBRs) greatly contribute to our highly dependable service.

The LBRs are like a traffic cop that directs web traffic to the least busy servers. If server 1 and 2 are busy, it will route the next request for information to server 3, 4, etc.

The system reliability is anchored by Cluster Technology and protected against power outages with battery back-up. In case of long term power outages, a power generator is always on stand by.

The EZ-Net Tools system is connected to the Internet through OC24 (fiber optic) technology.

Data is backed up daily with a RAID data system. Each member of the system is also encouraged to use the file back-up utility provided with each account.

How can "WE" compete with Free Web Hosting?

We are asked this question over and over again.
Our answer is always the same

Free Web Hosting Services do not have the capabilities, versatility, variety, quality or support system that EZ Website Builders offers. Free web hosting on hosting networks are a waste of your time and are a constant source of aggravation for search engines. Free web hosting is typically riddled with visually aggravating advertisements. Free web hosting is slow, very limited in their capabilities and they rarely include any customer support. If you choose free web hosting, be prepared to pay in terms of effectiveness and long-term success.

Superior Web Hosting Servers
EZ Website Builders provide superior, high-speed web hosting... an excellent choice for any business.

With our web hosting, you will receive 25 MB, 350 MB or 400 MB of web space on our state-of-the-art technology, high-speed servers.

With EZ-Net Tools™, website builders really get the most for their money!

OUR Web Hosting Advantages

Watch Dog™
Web Hosting optimal uptime on our servers.
We are pro-actively working to provide optimal uptime on our servers. In fact, our servers have had over 99.9% uptime for the past several years!

Helping website builders achieve such a high percentage of uptime is Watch Dog™, a program we have developed to constantly monitor each part of the system.

If a problem is detected, Watch Dog™ immediately pages key people in our organization with a description of the problem. With Watch Dog™, complications are quickly fixed, preventing or minimizing server downtime!

To protect your website and our system integrity from hackers, EZ-Net Tools™ enforces stringent policies. For example, the only way to enter our system is through the login screen which requires an unique "User ID" and "Password."

The firewall we use is so protective that the people on the Internet don't even see the individual servers in our cluster.

Clustering Technology
The EZ-Net Tools™ system consists of a state-of-the-art technology called "clustering." This means that the system does not rely on one main computer as its server. In fact, several computers are connected together, producing a "cluster" of computers. This "cluster" of computers operates in unison as one unit. View Diagram

The use of each computer in the cluster is synchronized, providing a balance of demand on each computer in the cluster. If one server were to ever stop functioning, the balance would immediately shift to the other servers, thus maintaining optimal uptime for the system.

System Reliability
To insure optimal system reliability, we have installed a generator to provide power to the EZ-Net Tools™ servers. For shorter power outages, we are currently protected by a battery back-up system, which will maintain power for about four hours. Now, with the addition of the generator, power can be sustained for several additional days to provide website builders continued web hosting service even during longer power outages.

Redundant Internet Connections
EZ-NetTools® is connected to the Internet backbone through an expandable fiber optic cable. The cable is connected to a SONET ring which provides redundancy to our Internet connection. If one of our connections goes down, another can reroute the traffic in seconds while we work on getting the connection back up. There is no interruption in performance.

Data Back-up
Each night, we back-up your data with a tape back-up system. We suggest, however, that all website builders also use the back-up utility in the Administrative Tools to back-up there data.

Expandability is a key component to maintaining a fast and stable system. The more websites that are added to any server, the more resources are required and the server responds slowly.

When a typical web host requires an upgrade, administrators have to take the system offline to make the upgrade. "Scheduled Maintenance" also takes the system offline. Anytime your web host goes offline, it costs you money in lost sales.

With the EZ-Net Tools™ Advanced System Architecture which consists of multiple computer clusters, all we have to do to expand the system is plug in another machine.

Even more advantageous, computer maintenance can be done without interrupting service. This way, the system expands without going offline!

E-mail Accounts
With EZ-Net Tools™, you can create up to 200 e-mail accounts. With the e-mail account manager, you can easily add and delete e-mail accounts as you wish. If you have your own domain name, you can even have an e-mail address that looks like:


Secure Server
Domain Name Manager

We Appreciate Your Feedback !
We strive to improve the quality of our services and products. Please click here to tell us how you feel about our services, products or website. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

This entire website was built with EZ-PageBuilder™.