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Basic, Standard and E-Commerce Website Comparison Charts

The following charts compare some of the features for
each Basic, Standard and E-Commerce Website Account.

An "X" indicates that the feature is included in the respective account.

Creation EZ-Website
Free Form Based System X X X
EZ-Page Builder X X X
EZ-File Manager & Upload X X X
Global Information & Links X X X
Stock Graphics & Buttons X X X
EZ-Form Builder X X X
Site Searches X X X
Button Builder X X X
FREE Model Websites X X X
Customized Layouts X X X
EZ-Photo Album X X X
EZ-Bulletin Board - X X
EZ-Calendar - X X
EZ-Directory - X X

Hosting EZ-Website
Website Space 25 MB 350 MB 400 MB
Bandwidth 15 GB 35 GB 45 GB
Changes & Updates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 5 50 200
99.9% Uptime X X X
WebMail (EZ-Online Mail) X X X
Advanced Spam Filtering X X X
E-mail Whitelisting X X X
E-mail Blacklisting X X X
Auto Save X X X
Password Protection X X X
Domain Name Manager X X X
Redundent Fiber Connectivity X X X
Multiple Cluster Architecture X X X

E-Commerce EZ-Website
Accept Credit Cards - - X
Payment Options - - X
EZ-Order Form - - X
EZ-Catalog - - X
EZ-Shipping - - X
EZ-Checkout - - X
EZ-Coupons - - X
Shopping Cart - - X
Pay to Enter - - X
SSL Secure Server - - X
Merchant Services - - X
PayPal Ready - - X
Authorize Net Compatible - - X

Promotion EZ-Website
Meta Tag Builder X X X
EZ-Counters X X X
EZ-Affiliate X X X
EZ-Mailing List - X X
EZ-Link Trader - X X
EZ-Submit Search Engines - X X

Support EZ-Website
Online Documentation X X X
Online Chat for Support X X X
FREE Technical Support X X X
Quick Start Guide X X X
Daily Backup X X X
UPS Power Backup X X X
Generator Backup X X X
24/7 System Monitoring X X X
FREE System Updates X X X
EZ-Net Advantage X X X
EZ-Net University X X X

The following chart shows pricing for the Lease Options of each
Basic, Standard and E-Commerce Website Account.
Basic Website
Standard Website
E-Commerce Website
Monthly $39.95 $39.95 $59.95 $59.95 $89.95 $89.95
6 month $209.95 $35.00 $329.95 $55.00 $479.95 $80.00
1 year $359.95 $30.00 $599.95 $50.00 $839.95 $70.00
2 year $599.95 $25.00 $1079.95 $45.00 $1439.95 $60.00

Remember websites include: 25 MB of web space for Basic websites, 350 MB of web space for Standard websites and 400 MB of web space for E-Commerce websites.

EZ-Net Tools (integrated system), Web Hosting (with 99.9% Uptime) and Maintenance. Free Website Activation, Free System Upgrades, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Graphics, Unlimited Changes and Updates.

EZ-Page Builder, EZ-File Manager and Upload, EZ-Form Builder and Manager, Global Information and Links, EZ-Online Mail, E-mail Accounts, Administrative Tools, Construction Tools and Promotional Tools.

EZ-Affiliate, EZ-Audio, EZ-Bulletin Board, EZ-Calendar, EZ-Catalog, EZ-Checkout, EZ-Counters, EZ-Coupons, EZ-Directory, EZ-Link Trader, EZ-Mail List, EZ-Order Form, EZ-Photo Album, EZ-Shipping, EZ-Shopping Cart and EZ-Submit to Search Engines.

Stock Graphics and Buttons, Button Builder, Button Bar, Site Searches, Domain Name Manager, Password Protection, Auto Save, Meta Tag Builder, Daily Backup, PayPal Support, Online Documentation, Free Technical Support and a whole lot more!

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