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EZ Website Builders Free Affiliate Program
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The Internet is changing the world. We know it, and you know it, but the average person (and business) is just beginning to realize it. Over the next few years as the rest of the world joins us here on the Web, the demand for Basic, Standard and E-Commerce Websites will continue to skyrocket.

"Although I have many years in the corporate sales arena I have been the one behind the scenes, creating the presentations, ads, etc. And more than once I have had to create sales presentations for products I just didn't believe in. It was fortunate I didn't have to be the one presenting it to the buyers, as I simply cannot sell something I don't believe in. With EZ Website Builders, it is very easy for me to tell anyone and everyone how impressed I am with their system. In all honesty, I would recommend EZ Website Builders regardless of whether I was paid or not!"
Rich Edwards

Affiliate Program
The EZ Website Builders FREE Affiliate Program is an easy way to make money! Earn a 10% commission for each new account, when you become an EZ Website Builders affiliate. Simply refer your visitors to EZ Website Builders through an e-mail, news letter, phone call, or a referral link on your website. When a visitor purchases a new EZ Website Builders account, you earn a 10% referral commission. It's that easy!

How we pay our referral fees? We will mail you a check on the 2nd Friday of each month for the previous month's referral fees.

By creating links to EZWebsiteBuilders.com using the logos, banners, or HTML code that we provide, you will earn a 10% commission on orders that originate from your website or efforts. You provide the link; we take care of the order processing, setup, and customer service.

Our Tracking System
We have done everything possible to ensure that you always get credit for sales that result from your efforts. Whether the visitors you send to the EZ Website Builders site have their "cookies" turned on or off, you will know that they are being tracked properly!

Other affiliate programs will tag your visitors with a cookie that's set to expire in as little as 30 days, or maybe a year, but not EZ Website Builders. With our system, the cookie that tags a visitor with your ID number is set to last for 10 years... ensuring you won't lose sales due to expired cookies.

Our Golden Rule
There isn't really any "fine print" to worry about, but we do have one very important rule that you need to be aware of: NO SPAMMING!

Your participation in this program will be governed by certain Terms and Conditions, that are spelled out in the Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions. Be sure to read it before you get started. We have absolutely NO tolerance for spammers, so if nothing else you'll want to familiarize yourself with our definition of Spam. "I didn't know" is not a valid excuse.

Affiliate Link Banners
After being accepted into the affiliate program, you can choose an Affiliate Link Banner to place on your website. We have several to choose from and you can use as many as you desire.

Thank you for your interest in EZ Website Builders FREE Affiliate Program!
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EZ Website Builders Affiliate Program
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