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Global Information

The Global Information feature of EZ-NetTools® is one of the most powerful tools because it is a key time saver. In a matter of minutes, this feature creates much of the web page design. It promotes key website consistencies that make expert designers stand apart from amateurs. This tool also fosters unique design elements.

You have complete flexibility to create and upload a custom designed graphic header. You create your own unique colors including the background, standard text, hypertext link, visited hypertext link, and even the active hypertext link colors. Enter the information one time and the rest is automatic!

With Global Information, you instantly create a consistent theme throughout your website, which saves you many hours of repetitive work.

Every web page created after the Global Information is set, will display the header graphic, background and text colors, the contact information and copyright owner, automatically.

Global Information can save you hours of design time and help you establish a more professional website that has consistent colors. Global Information also places contact information (at the bottom) on every page of your website!

For example, Global Information on this page includes:
Bullet 1 Gray textured background 
Bullet 2 Header logo at the top of the page 
Bullet 3 Contact information at the bottom of the page 
Bullet 4 Copyright information at extreme bottom of the page 
Bullet 5 Link (hypertext) color (blue) 
Bullet 6 Active link (hypertext) color (red) 
Bullet 7 Visited link (hypertext) color (purple) 
Bullet 8 Text color (black) 

The Global Information form looks like this.

Global Links

The Global Link feature of EZ-Net Tools automates the standard navigation that is typically found at the bottom of web pages.

It provides links to the key web pages that exist on the website. These links appear just above the global contact information which takes the guesswork away from website navigation.

You have complete flexibility to add and delete the navigation links. The global links make the website more functional and user friendly.

Just like the Global Information, after the links are set, every web page will automatically have the links displayed on the page.

This entire website was built with EZ-PageBuilder™.