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Simple E-Commerce
The sophistication of an E-commerce Website is made simple with EZ-Net Tools. The system embraces Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to transact business with the confidence that critical data will be safeguarded.

If you plan on selling online, you must provide additional security to protect your customers' order information such as credit card numbers. Using ordering systems without security is like broadcasting a credit card number worldwide. E-mail and many online order forms are NOT fully secure mediums to pass sensitive information.

3-Way Encryption keeps sensitive information safe through the entire path of the order using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Automated Transaction Processing (ATP) automatically verifies a customer's credit card, and money is transfered during the order.

EZ-Catalog provides simple ways to manage products.

EZ-Checkout offers a customizable display, automatic checkout, and control over the information customers are required to give.

EZ-Shipping allows a merchant to set-up shipping options that fit their business.

Manual Transaction Processing (MTP) notifies the merchant by e-mail when an order is placed. The merchant then performs the transaction himself.

Payment Options configures your site to accept only the forms of payment that you specify.

Pay to Enter offers a way to require payment before allowing a user access to certain sections of your site.

Order Retrieval is used to securely retrieve an order after a merchant has received an email informing him that an order has been placed.

E-commerce is integrated throughout EZ-Net Tools™. EZ-Order™ creates your online order form, and EZ-Catalog™ displays large inventories for convenient shopping.

For service businesses or for businesses with smaller inventories, the EZ-Order Form will list pricing on a single page. Businesses with larger inventories may opt for the EZ-Catalog system and activate the shopping cart with the click of the mouse.

If you prefer to use a shopping cart, simply activate the shopping cart within the catalog or add a shopping cart button anywhere throughout your web site! With EZ-Net Tools™, you have TWO choices for credit card processing. You can choose between automated processing through an online Merchant Account, which executes the transaction immediately, or order retrieval processing, which delays the transaction until you can review the order. Either way, it's easy! No CGI to mess with!

EZ Website Builders provides you with complete E-commerce Solutions, which enables the power of the Internet to work for your business. Whether you have 1 product or 10,000 products, we will make it easy for your customers to place their orders.

Pay To Enter

There are many reasons to require payment to enter sections of a website. EZ-NetTools®, with the integration of the Form Builder block within EZ-PageBuilder and EZ-Checkout, provides this capability. This one-two punch is perfect to require payment before downloading an online book, entering a club section of a website or downloading photographs, etc.

Fixed or Calculated Pricing

There are two ways to set pricing with this technology. First, a fixed amount is established and then required before customers enter the paid area of the website. Second, a price can be calculated based on variables. In fact, advanced java scripts can be utilized to calculate a price before they enter the paid area.


When an order is placed with EZ-Net Tools, an e-mail is sent to the merchant notifying them that an order has been placed. It is practical in many businesses to have each order sent in a file format that can be utilized in another program. The Form Builder feature can send the merchant/business order information in either an XML or CSV file to an e-mail address of choice.

This is a handy tool that can be used in many ways by a variety of different businesses. The bottom line is that if you want someone to pay before they enter an area of a website, EZ-Net Tools makes it a simple task.

OUR E-Commerce Advantages

Integration – EZ-NetTools® combines the many sophisticated e-commerce technologies with website creation, hosting, and website promotion applications. Again, they work together as one seamless solution.

3-Way Encryption - For total security, EZ-NetTools® employs our advanced processing method called, 3-Way Encryption, which protects sensitive information through EACH step of the online transaction.

SSL Encryption Routines - All orders transacted through EZ-NetTools® use SSL encryption routines which are the most secure on the market today. E-Mail and standard forms are not safe to pass sensitive data over the Internet.

Automated or Manual Transactions - With EZ-NetTools®, you can choose either our Automated Transaction Processing(ATP) or Manual Transaction Processing(MTP). Both processing methods have advantages and disadvantages so we support both!

Order Form or Online Catalog - Merchants have the option to choose EZ-Order, EZ-Catalog or both for online orders. Every business is different so we provide the flexibility.

Customizable Shipping & Payment Options - Shipping options are very flexible. Merchants can choose from a variety of shipping and payment options. Changes can be made very easy in a matter of minutes.

E-Commerce Merchant Account
Three Way Encryption

Our E-commerce Merchant Solutions, is dedicated to providing
the highest possible customer service in the bankcard industry today.

  • Does not take up any space in the merchants hard drive.
  • Supports an unlimited number of users.
  • Transaction can be entered from anywhere in the world.
  • Merchants never have to pay for upgrades or updates.
  • Complete Tech Support.
  • Real time online transactions with the weblink feature.
  • Real time offline transaction via Virtual terminal feature.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) compliant.
  • Compatible with any operating system, hardware or software.
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