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EZ-Online Mail

EZ-Online Mail gives you fast and easy access to e-mail. Our Web based e-mail program makes e-mail accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. It is simple to set-up, add multiple e-mail addresses and start receiving mail within minutes.

EZ-Online Mail guards you against viruses because the e-mail passes through our virus scanners before it is even delivered to your E-mail Inbox.
EZ-Online Mail with EZ-Net Tools
EZ-Online Mail

What protects even more from pesky viruses is that since EZ-Online Mail is Web based, the e-mail is delivered to our servers not your computer. Note: You can still get viruses with Web mail if you download one. So, as matter of practice, don’t download any file unless you are expecting it.

Feature Rich Mail Program

  • Custom Display Options - Changes the way that EZ-Online Mail looks and displays information such as colors, language, display information, and many other settings.
  • Folder Control - Creates, re-names, and deletes the folders where e-mail is stored. The way folders are displayed can also be manipulated.
  • Sorting Options - Customizes the order in which the e-mail is listed.
  • Spell Checker - Verifies correct spelling before an e-mail is sent.
  • Mail Forwarding - Forwards incoming mail to other e-mail addresses.
  • Mail Search - Searches folders for e-mails by keyword.
EZ-Online Mail with EZ-Net Tools
EZ-Online Mail - Inbox

  • Address Groups - Creates groups of e-mail addresses that makes it easy to send one message to more than one person.
  • Signatures - Includes closing name, phone number, and other information of your choice to be included at the end of all outgoing e-mail. Saves you time so you don’t have to always type the same ending to every e-mail sent.
In addition to the many features listed above, there are several additional features of EZ-Online Mail that will help you get more out of an online mail package. These features include:

  • Calendar - organizes your daily schedule with a day planner style calendar.
  • Personal Address Book - keeps names and contact information stored for quick reference.
  • Weather Watch Program- Monitors the daily weather and displays current conditions.
  • Unsafe Image Rules - Establishes rules about how images in HTML messages are delivered.
  • Message Highlighting - Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish whom the messages are from.
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