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Web Page Creation

Web Page Creation
Web Page Creation
Outlining and developing web pages is an exciting part of your online experience. This is where your ideas become visual so you can share them with the world.

Website creation takes careful planning to insure accomplishment of your marketing objectives. There are several dynamic website creation tools within the EZ-NetTools® system which make it easy to perform what used to be a complicated task.


The central web page creation program within EZ-NetTools® is EZ-PageBuilder™. This easy-to-use program utilizes point and click technology which is FREE FORM based. This means that when designing web pages, you can place objects and features on your web pages wherever you want in an easy and simple to use format.

With EZ-PageBuilder, web pages are not limited to template layouts, colors, or styles. You can custom create layouts, styles and colors that exactly match your business identity.

Within your customized layouts, you will find the unrivaled power of the EZ-Net Tools system... the integration of the multiple innovative software tools.

For example, with EZ-Net Tools, you can solicit names and e-mail addresses from people visiting your website and build your own "opt-in" mail list. Then you can e-mail information to all the people on your list who have requested information.

Other programs within the EZ-Net Tools system include an online calendar, bulletin board, and much more. It also makes it easy to setup an online catalog of products!

There is NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED for any of these features. If, however, you are already versed with HTML or Java programming, your custom coding can easily be implemented directly into the EZ-PageBuilder program.

EZ-PageBuilder comes equipped with over 200 standard bullets, buttons, banners and backgrounds. Use the stock graphics or easily upload your own.

EZ-PageBuilder is integrated with the other programs of EZ-Net Tools. A few of these other programs include the Shopping Cart, Order Form, Product Catalog, Bulletin Board, Event Calendar and much more. The possibilities of Web page design using EZ-Net Tools are virtually unlimited.

The seamless integration of over 350 individual programs within EZ-Net Tools makes it easy to use with point and click technology employed throughout the system. Although programming is not necessary, advanced users may add HTML or JAVA directly into their pages.

The design limitations common in template and catalog-based systems are non-existent with EZ-Net Tools™.

Want to Tour EZ-Net Tools™ ?

The EZ-Net Tools™ Tour is an interactive Flash presentation that walks you through each of the four main areas of website development: Web Page Creation, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, and Website Promotion.

This demo will highlight the powerful features of EZ-Net Tools and will show you how EZ-Net Tools can help you get a website online Quickly, Easily and Affordably.

Approximate load time of this informative presentation is between 1 and 2 minutes on a 56K dial-up modem. Download times will, of course, depend on your connection speed.

The wait for this in-depth presentation is well worth your time.

Please click on the link to our EZ-Net Tools™ Flash Tour and enjoy the show!

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