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EZ-Shipping is the perfect complement to EZ-Catalog and just like all of the other EZ-NetTools® programs, it is integrated with the other aspects of your website.

EZ-Shipping allows you to set-up shipping options that fit your business. From the simplest shipping charges to an advanced set-up. EZ-Shipping sets the criteria from which shipping charges are calculated in an online order.

Shipping Configuration

Ship to Countries

The set-up process starts by selecting the countries your business will ship products to. If your company is based in the United States and only ships product domestically, the shipping feature can be set to only accept orders that will ship within the United States. Conversely, if your company does business internationally, the countries you want to ship to can be set-up so orders will be accepted.

Shipping Amount Configuration

There are several ways to determine pricing for shipping. With the EZ-Shipping configuration, you can select from the following shipping options:
  • Free - No shipping charges.
  • Flat Rate - One shipping rate for all orders.
  • Percentage of sale - Shipping charges vary based on the dollar amount of the order. Minimum cost can be set too!
  • Per Item - Unique shipping charges established for each item individually.
  • Per Pound - Shipping charges calculated by the weight of each product.
  • Sliding Scale - Shipping rate is established by the amount purchased. As the amount of purchase increases, the shipping amount can be set at custom rates.
Shipping Alternatives

In addition to the standard shipping configuration, you can also provide the following options:
  • Second Day Air
  • Next Day Air
  • COD
  • International
  • Custom
UPS® Calculator

EZ-Shipping also interfaces with the UPS® calculator for real time shipping rates directly from UPS®. All UPS® shipping methods are automatically calculated just like a UPS® representative calculating it for you.

The flexibility of EZ-Shipping makes this a dynamite tool to establish your shipping charges.

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