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E-Commerce Merchant Account

Internet business... Entrepreneurs... Small business
Home-based... Mail/Phone orders... Retail stores

Transaction Processing For The Web!
An E-commerce Merchant Account will increase your Internet sales volume from 100 to 1500 percent. You can apply for an E-commerce Merchant Account through us for your business and we can guarantee a 99% approval rate. Our E-commerce Merchant Accounts are secure servers offering your customers 3 way encryption using a combination of the Apache SSL Secure Commerce Server and PGP encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of information as it passes from a browser into your computer.

Internet Merchant Account
Today's E-Commerce marketplace is extremely competitive. Providing our customers with convenient payment options is as important as selling a quality product or service. Research shows that consumers increasingly choose credit cards and ATM debit cards as their preferred method of payment and Internet sales can increase by 100 to 1500%.

For every credit card transaction, there are two parts: The authorization and The Settlement.

Authorization means that the availability is verified and the funds (if available) are automatically put on hold. This important step defines the "approved" or "declined" status of a payment.

Settlement is the process by which the money that was put on hold is electronically captured and transferred into the merchant business bank account. In most cases, this process takes 2 business days.

With our quick and easy Internet Merchant Account and Authorize Payment Processing Gateway, you can be accepting credit cards in as few as 7 days!

Automated Transaction Process (ATP)
If you want the customer's credit card automatically processed, you will want to use this method of credit card processing. EZ-Net Tools™ is integrated with AuthorizeNet®, which links to your merchant bank account. When an order is placed, the customer's credit card is automatically charged.

During ATP, the customers credit card is automatically verified for authenticity and appropriately charged at the time of order. The funds are then automatically transferred into the merchants bank account. An e-mail is sent to the merchant who then securely retrieves the order from EZ-Net Tools™ and delivers the product.

ATP requires the banking services be provided by financial institutions. First, a merchant bank account which only businesses can acquire. Second, a "Payment Processing Gateway" service which functions as an online credit card processing terminal is also required. View Diagram.

Features and Benefits of an E-Commerce Merchant Account

Bullet 1 Can increase Internet sales by as much as 1500%. 
Bullet 2 SSL security (the best on the Internet today). 
Bullet 3 Encourages impulse buying on the Internet. 
Bullet 4 User-friendly, very easy to use program. 
Bullet 5 Credit card customers buy products when they desire them. 
Bullet 6 Fast Turnaround: Funds are transferred into your account within 48 hours. 
Bullet 7 Authorize transaction within 5 seconds and e-mails customer's order to you. 
Bullet 8 Handles recurring monthly payments from credit cards. 
Bullet 9 Automatically accept, authorize and process credit card orders. 
Bullet 10 Sell services and offer immediate downloads, Information, Software, etc. 
Bullet 1 Credit card customers buy 3 times more merchandise. 
Bullet 2 The solution for automated processing of Internet merchants. 
Bullet 3 Payment plans make larger purchases easier. 
Bullet 4 Accepting credit cards often legitimizes your business to your customers. 
Bullet 5 By accepting credit cards, you will achieve higher unit sales and extra orders. 
Bullet 6 Merchants accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. 
Bullet 7 We have a 99% approval rate. 
Bullet 8 Converts your web site from an electronic brochure to a virtual store front. 
Bullet 9 Access and process transactions anywhere around the globe. 

We Appreciate Your Feedback !
We strive to improve the quality of our services and products. Please click here to tell us how you feel about our services, products or website. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions.