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EZ Website Builders Link Exchange

One way to improve your search engine ranking is link exchange or reciprocal links, to increase the number of sites linked to yours. Google puts a large amount of emphasis on this factor in determining your position. We have found that the best link exchange is with sites similar in content, to your own. Also, if you can offer something for free, the Freebie sites will send you quite a bit of extra traffic. Most of them have link exchange services.

EZ Website Builders Reciprocal Link Qualification's

Terms & Conditions:

EZ Website Builders resources are company edited. We will review every site that is submitted to reduce unwanted or SPAM submissions. We review each submission to ensure quality links. We do not accept links from adult, hate, hacker sites, or any type of site we deem "Illegal". We administer all requests and your link will be declined if we do not feel that it meets our criteria.

In order for your submission to be approved your site needs to match the following criteria:

  • Your site may not utilize SPAM techniques.
  • Your website should have relevancy to our website.
  • Your site should offer either quality content, quality products or quality services.
  • We do not accept websites that are powered by automated link exchange programs!
  • Sites that contain adult content, illegal or inappropriate activity will not be accepted.
  • You must own your domain name, sites hosted on free services won't be accepted.
  • Your site must host a reciprocal link back to EZ Website Builders using only the text link provided below. Failure to use the correct linking code will result in your submission being declined or deleted.

Our Link Exchange Procedure

First place our link on your website using the information provided below. You must provide a valid e-mail address and location of reciprocal link to request a link exchange. (This is a requirement!)

Your link on EZ Website Builders will only remain so long as a return link is provided on your site. We periodically check for reciprocal links, so if we cannot find our link your site will be removed without notice.

This is our reciprocal link source code. Place it on your website before you submit to us.

Source Code:

This is how the reciprocal link source code will look on your web pages.

*EZ Website Builders
Website builders, designers and developers are all using our website tools, web hosting and free model sites. We have Basic, Standard and E-Commerce websites. Our services include: Website Tools, Hosting, Design, Development, Promotion, Consulting, Graphic Design, Affiliate Program, Merchant Accounts, Domain Names, E-mail Accounts, E-zines, Technical Support and a whole lot more!

After you have placed our link on your website, you can submit your site information using the form below. If you are accepted we will add you to our "Resources" within 72 hours.

*Required Field

Filter Type:
New Category:
*Your Website Title:
*Your Website URL:
*Your Description:
*Your Link to Us URL:

We Appreciate Your Feedback !
We strive to improve the quality of our services and products. Please click here to tell us how you feel about our services, products or website. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

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