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Information and Resources

Home Page
  • Website builders, website designers and do-it-yourself web developers are using our do-it-yourself website tools and web hosting, for web page creation, e-commerce and website promotion. Create, build, promote and manage your own website.
  • Our business is getting your business, more business online. EZ Website Builders is helping people… from the beginner to the expert… design, develop and promote a successful website.
  • Offering complete Internet solutions by our professional development team or you, the do-it-yourself web developer. Affordable websites, do-it-yourself website tools, web hosting, e-commerce and Internet merchant accounts.
Customers / Testimonials
  • Read what our customers are saying about EZ Website Builders. View some of the sample websites created by our design team and our customers.
  • Affordable websites for small to medium size businesses and home based businesses. Purchase or lease a Basic, Standard or E-Commerce website. Have EZ Website Builders (development team) design, develop, manage or promote your website for only $40 per hour.
Contact Us
  • When you need support, you need it right now! That’s why we give you a variety of options to contact us. Contact us by e-mail, phone or fax. We know how important it is to "you" to be able to over come problems, so we make every effort to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
  • FAQ's about EZ-Net Tools, Domain Names, Graphics, E-mail Accounts, Hostware, Credit Cards, HTML, Web Creation, Security, Support, FTP, Restrictions, etc.
EZ-Net Tools
  • EZ-Net Tools™ consists of over 350 separately written programs that are all integrated into one user-friendly website solution. The benefits of EZ-Net Tools: free form based solution, design your own styles, fully customizable, unlimited text and graphics placed wherever you want, unlimited catalog items for one flat fee, includes: Administration, Construction and Promotional tools, just to name a few.
EZ-Net Tools Tour
  • The EZ-Net Tools™ Tour is an interactive Flash presentation that walks you through each of the four main areas of website development: Website Creation, Website Hosting, E-Commerce, and Website Promotion.
Website Benefits
  • What are the benefits of a website? Selling products and services, inexpensive advertising, affordable and unlimited advertising, local, national and international advertising, audio, video, pictures and text advertising, reduce printing, faxing, postage and handling, customer service and staff cost, save on printing brochures, catalogs and business cards.
Model Sites
  • These Free model websites are already created, all we have to do is copy the model site into your website account. Then EZ Website Builders or you can modify the content to meet the requirements of you business. Don’t confuse model sites with many unyielding template sites. These free form based technology sites are extremely flexible and were developed with EZ-Net Tools, EZ-PageBuilder.
Do-it-yourself Website
  • With EZ Website Builders, do-it-yourself website tools you can create, build, promote and manage a complete fully functional website for business or for family. We are confident you will find our system fast, easy, fun and affordable.
Website Packages
  • EZ Website Builders has developed a range of website packages to provide your company with a total Internet solution to suit your budget. Using our range of experience in many industry sectors we have selected the website features and products that will provide the best return on investment for your business. These packages are built using standard EZ Website Builders components so, as your business grows, it can be expanded into a fully custom Internet solution, building on the investment you have already made.
Website Comparison
  • Basic, Standard and E-Commerce website comparison charts. The following charts compare some of the features for each Basic, Standard and E-Commerce website accounts.
Administration Tools
  • The administration tools section of the system is where you manage the operations of your website. Used in the standard course of business: retrieve orders, download orders, view order statistics, view counters, domain manager, back-up files, setup e-mail accounts, edit contact information, change password, etc.
Construction Tools
  • The construction tools section is where you will find all the tools you need to create, build or modify your web pages. Here you can access: EZ-PageBuilder, EZ-File Manager, Edit Global Information, Edit Global Links, EZ-Catalog, EZ-Order Form, EZ-Checkout, EZ-Shipping, Payment Options, EZ-Calendar, EZ-Directory, EZ-Mailing List, EZ-Bulletin Board and EZ-Find Dealer.
Promotion Tools
  • Website promotional tools critical to the success of your Internet venture. The most common ways people find information are through links from other websites, by the use of search engines or affiliate programs. EZ-Net Tools provides three powerful programs, which help manage each of these tasks.
Web Page Creation
  • The EZ-Net Tools system is a free form based solution. This means all your individual pages are designed the way the user wants them to look. By using EZ-Net Tools, you can benefit from a new innovation in web page design. This new innovation revolves around the web page creation tool EZ-PageBuilder.
Website Hosting
  • Website, Web hosting that is reliable, fast, expandable and secure. The ability to sustain a solid web hosting solution lies in our unyielding determination to develop state-of-the-art technologies, which provide a system that is reliable, fast, expandable and secure.
  • E-Commerce is integrated throughout the EZ-Net Tools system. EZ-Order creates your online order form. EZ-Catalog displays large inventories for convenient shopping. You have choices for credit card processing. You can choose automated processing, which executes the transaction immediately or order retrieval processing, which delays the transaction until you can review the order.
Get Started Today!
  • Ask yourself these questions and you will know if you have, or want to have, a simple and easy to use website? Get started on your website TODAY!
Global Information
  • With global information, you select or upload information that will automatically appear "globally" or on every page of your website. This instantly creates a consistent theme throughout your website, which saves you many hours of repetitive work.
Website Security
  • We are currently running Apache SSL Web Server for our secure server. This software provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for high-level security when transmitting sensitive information like credit card numbers. Your customers can rest assured that their orders are safe with you!
Domain Names
  • You have two choices with us, you may use a virtual (sub) domain name (www.eznettools.net/YourName), which is available at no additional charge. You can search for and purchase your own domain name (www.YourName.com) and we will get it connected to your website.
Shopping Cart
  • With the shopping cart, your customers can look through the pages you have built and pick and choose the items they want to add to their online shopping cart. Once they have finished shopping, they can proceed straight to the order form. The items they’ve selected are automatically added to the order form, ready for purchase.
Merchant Account
  • Internet merchant account, e-commerce transaction processing for the Web. The benefits are: increase sales, SSL security, encourages impulse buying, automatically accept authorize and process credit cards, fast turnaround, e-mails customer’s order to you, handles recurring payments, offers immediate product downloads, legitimize your business, process transactions anywhere around the globe and converts your website from an electronic brochure to a virtual store front.
Payment Options
  • Choosing the forms of payment accepted on your website takes careful consideration. The payment options of EZ-Net Tools® are uniquely suited to accept most forms of payment.
Pay to Enter
  • There are many reasons to require payment to enter sections of a website. EZ-Net Tools®, with the integration of the Form Builder block within EZ-PageBuilder and EZ-Checkout, provides this capability. This one-two punch is perfect to require payment before downloading an online book, entering a club section of a website or downloading photographs, etc.
Meta Tags
  • A META tag is the code that many search engines use to rank web pages in their database. Establishing proper META tags is a critical element to proper search engine submissions. In many cases, achieving a high rank on a search engine is dependent on the META tag. Within EZ-PageBuilder the META Tag Creator establishes the META data for each page on your website. Simply enter the information and the META tag is automatically generated.
Website Solutions
  • Your Internet solutions made easy. EZ Website Builders puts the power of the Internet at your fingertips. We empower you to create an entire website from any computer, via the Internet, without programming. Update and save new information worldwide with the click of a button (no FTP required).
Internet Provider
  • Internet Presence Provider IPP, EZ Website Builders is a full service Internet presence provider, providing complete web solutions for selling products and services on the Internet.
Affiliate Program
  • The FREE EZ Website Builders affiliate program is an easy way to earn money! Earn a commission for each new account, when you become an EZ Website Builders affiliate. Simply refer your visitors to us through a referral link on your website, an e-mail or phone call. When a visitor gets a new account, you earn a referral commission. It’s that easy!
Free Trial Website
  • A 30 day free trial website allows you to experience EZ Website Builders software and hosting services or as we call it "Hostware", with no risk and no obligation.
E-zine Articles
  • Our website designers and website builders have created articles on search engines, building your own website, web design, website promotion, marketing, design and development, etc.
Link Exchange / Reciprocal Link
  • One way to improve your search engine rankings, is link exchange or reciprocal link, to increase the number of sites linked to yours. Google puts a large amount of emphasis on this factor in determining your position. We have found that the best link exchanges are with sites similar in content to your own. Also if you can offer something for free, the Freebie sites will send you quite a bit of extra traffic. Most of them have link exchange services.
3-Way Encryption
  • If you plan on selling online, you must provide additional security to protect your customers' order information such as credit card numbers. Using ordering systems without security is like broadcasting a credit card number worldwide. E-mail and many online order forms are NOT fully secure mediums to pass sensitive information. To provide total security, we use 3-Way Encryption™ technology, which is an advanced processing method, which you can feel confident in because order information is encrypted through EACH step of the online transaction.
System Architecture
  • With Clustering Technology, multiple servers are connected to form a "cluster" of computers. Each computer in the "cluster" is connected to the Internet through a Load Balancing Router (LBR). This provides optimal uptime and quick ease of use for our customers.
Free Stuff
  • Welcome to EZ Website Builders Free Stuff! To receive any of our free gifts, we don't ask you to register with us, all we ask is that you sit back and relax, spend some time on our website, and contact us if we can be of service to you.

  • With EZ-PageBuilder, creating a web page is as simple as stacking blocks. Choose from over 40 different block types. EZ-PageBuilder is the tool that allows you to easily create and edit your web pages. Through EZ-PageBuilder, your pages are composed of blocks of various types such as: titles, text, tables, graphics, and many others. These blocks permit you to create or edit your web page without knowing HTML or Java Script.
  • EZ Website Builders accounts are activated with EZ-Affiliate and provide the tools to manage your own Affiliate Program. The affiliate program is a new advanced feature of EZ-Net Tools, which allows you to set up affiliations between companies.
  • This is EZ Website Builders sample page for music. We load different types of music into this page from time to time, for your listing pleasure.
EZ-Bulletin Board
  • With EZ-Bulletin Board, you can easily establish a moderated bulletin board or forum on your website. Your customers and prospects can discuss information about your industry and how to better use your services. You approve the postings or screen out inappropriate messages.
  • With EZ-Calendar, you can let the world know what events you are planning. Enter the name, place, date, time and description of an event, and your event page is automatically created. When the event date passes, the event is conveniently removed for you.
  • With EZ-Catalog, you enter merchandise, stock numbers and prices, and a database will automatically be created for your customers to browse. Upload pictures and your customers can preview your products. You can quickly change prices or products at any time. You can also import data from an existing spreadsheet or database.
  • The checkout process of EZ-Net Tools® is nicely integrated within all e-commerce modules. EZ-Checkout is automatically implemented with a smooth transition from shopping cart or order form to payment processing. The web pages are pre-designed and allow for substantial customization.
  • With EZ-Counter, tracking counters are automatically created for each page. With this tool, you can easily identify the flow of traffic through your website. Tracking website traffic is critical if you want to identify whether or not your marketing efforts are working.
  • Coupons have been a great tool for successful merchandisers in "brick and mortar" stores for years. The reason is simple, they work! Coupons get shoppers into the store; get shoppers to purchase more items, and to bring back shoppers again and again. Coupons are equally as successful for on-line stores.
  • The EZ-Directory, is to provide an efficient way to arrange alphabetical lists of people, places, or things according to a certain classification. It will also create an automatic alphabetical search by a category and name.
EZ-File Manager
  • With EZ-File Manager you can administer the files associated with your website with ease. This integrated software allows you to create file structures, view, upload, move, and delete files. Additionally, this utility allows you to establish total security on all or some sections of your website with an outstanding password protection feature you can depend on.
EZ-Link Trader
  • With EZ-Link Trader, you can easily request links with other websites. As links are accepted, a "Hot Links" web page is built automatically for you.
EZ-Mailing List
  • With EZ-Mailing List, an e-mail database is automatically created for you. It is important for you to be able to collect names and e-mail address, of customers or prospects, who are interested in your information.
EZ-Online Mail
  • EZ-Online Mail gives you fast and easy access to e-mail. Our Web based e-mail program makes e-mail accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. It is simple to set-up, add multiple e-mail addresses and start receiving mail within minutes. EZ-Online Mail guards you against viruses because the e-mail passes through our virus scanners before it is even delivered to your E-mail Inbox.
EZ-Order Form
  • With EZ-Order, your customers simply enter their order, address information, shipping option and payment option. EZ-Order then processes the order securely. EZ-Order automatically adds sales tax where applicable.
  • EZ-Shipping is the perfect complement to EZ-Catalog and just like all of the other EZ-Net Tools® programs, it is integrated with the other aspects of your website. EZ-Shipping allows you to set-up shipping options that fit your business, from the simplest shipping charges to the advanced set-up. EZ-Shipping sets the criteria from which shipping charges are calculated in an online order.
EZ-Shopping Cart
  • With the shopping cart, your customers can look through the pages you have built and pick and choose the items they want to add to their online shopping cart. Once they have finished shopping, they can proceed straight to the order form. The items they’ve selected are automatically added to the order form, ready for purchase.
EZ-Submit Engines
  • With EZ-Submit, you can click through the process of promoting your website to the top search engines. Website promotion is critical to the success of any website. Most people search for information through one or more of the top search engines.
Graphic Blocks
  • You can use a graphic block to insert an image, picture or graphic onto your web page. The graphic blocks consist of: graphic, graphic & text, graphic & bulleted text, graphic, text & graphic, credit cards and special banners.
Button Blocks
  • With Button Bar, you can add customized buttons to your web pages. With Button Builder, you can create your own buttons with text that you personalize, using our stock button images. With Order Buttons, you can choose from our stock order buttons that will link automatically to your order form.
Mail List Blocks
  • With EZ-Net Tools, you can solicit names and e-mail addresses from people visiting your website and build your own "opt-in" mail list. Then you can e-mail information to all the people on your list who have requested information.
Table Builder
  • Here are some examples of the capabilities of the table builder. The first example shows you what you are building. The second example shows you a finished table. The third example shows you the form you actually use to build the table when you select a Table Block from EZ-PageBuilder.
Special Banners
  • Here are a few examples of the many special banners you can choose from on our system. To view all of the Special Banners, select View Specials when inserting a Special Block from EZ-PageBuilder.
Example Blocks
  • Your website is easily built with EZ-Net Tools one page at a time and each page is built one block at a time. Here are several examples of those blocks.

Avoid Common Web Site Design Mistakes
  • With millions of sites just a click away, online visitors have little tolerance for mistakes in web site design, content and ease of use, such as slow loading pages, error messages and hard-to-find help buttons.
A Result Oriented Testimonial
  • Generally, when someone gives you a testimonial, they fill it with glamour words and fluff that sound great. That's OK, but they mean nothing to your potential customer. These kinds of testimonials are not very useful, like:
Accept and Manage All Kinds of Payments
  • With an SSL secured site, your customers will have the confidence to purchase your products and services. But enabling customers to pay you online takes more than just collecting their credit card numbers or other payment information. What will you do with customer payment information once it's sent to you? How can you verify that customer's credit card information is valid? How will you go about processing and managing those payments with a complex network of financial institutions?
A Search Engine
  • I guess I do and don't understand search engines. They seem to be great when I'm looking for something, but from a small business standpoint, how can anyone hope to ever be in the "top ten" or even top 100 of any category when there are millions of sites on the Internet? Everyone seems to be competing for the same spot! So my question is, what's the use? Or am I missing something?
Business Rules
  • Here's a list of e-commerce related issues that you should think about before you begin developing an e-commerce site. You have probably come up with some answers and formed attitudes to many of these issues already. But if this list brings to mind even a few things you haven't considered, you'll probably save some big bucks and a lot of headaches in later development cycles.
Build A User-Friendly Website
  • With a domain name in place, you're ready to start building your e-commerce storefront. But before you begin, take some time to plan.
Building Your Own Website
  • Where to start? What to include? What to do? Are these common questions among the do-it-yourself web developers? Only when designing there own web site. EZ Website Builders, offer the do-it-yourself web developers some advice for when the site they're building is their own.
Deadly Website Sins that will Kill Your Business
  • After reviewing thousands of websites over the past several years, I have come to the conclusion that many business websites are missing the boat.
How To Create An E-Commerce Website
  • Your business may be small... but the Internet lets you think big. Whatever product or service your business offers, the Internet levels the playing field and lets you compete with bigger businesses, reaching customers around the world who can conveniently buy from you 24 hours a day.
"Link Popularity - Moving' On Up..."
  • "Link Popularity" is a ranking criterion that search engines use in their algorithms, both the sheer number of other sites linking to your website and especially the importance and relevance of the other sites linking to your website are considered. The more you know about "link popularity" the farther and faster you can move your website to the TOP OF THE SEARCH ENGINES!
Promote Your Web Site
  • Now, you've established a compelling, secure, and easy-to-use Web storefront for your products and services. It's time to let people know about it. Here are a few tips for driving traffic to your site.
Search Engine Bytes
  • My domain name does not contain any of my keywords. Should I dump it in favor of one that does?
Secure Your Website
  • With your Internet identity established and your site built and hosted, it's time to turn your online storefront into a thriving e-commerce business. To do it, you must win your customers' trust. Eighty-five percent of Web users surveyed reported that a lack of security made them uncomfortable sending credit card numbers over the Internet. E-merchants who can win the confidence of these customers will gain their business and their loyalty, and an enormous opportunity for grabbing market share and expanding sales.
Test, Test, Test…
  • You may be eager to launch your e-commerce storefront, but take time to review and test your site thoroughly before going live. You will only have one chance to make a first impression on each new visiting customer, and broken links, incorrect phone numbers, and grammatical or spelling errors diminish the professional polish you're striving for.
Set Up Your Web Server or Select an IPP to Host Your Site?
  • Your Web site is a series of files that reside on a special computer, called a Web server, connected to the Internet. For customers to visit your site, they must actually connect to that Web server via the Internet and view the files. Web servers and the Internet connections that link them to visitors must be fast and powerful enough to quickly respond to all the visitors' requests to view your site.
What Am I Suppose To Do?
  • That's a question your visitors may be asking, and one you need to avoid at all costs. It's like a disease that will do nothing more than cost you sales and traffic. The solution is to "take them by the hand." Tell or show them, literally, what you want them to do… even if it's simple or obvious.
Web Design Guidelines
  • It's not enough to know "how" to create a web site; you also need to know what makes a "good" web site. Think back on some of the web sites you've visited recently. Were you impressed by all of them, probably not? Many web sites are technically fine, but fail on aesthetic grounds.
What Do Web Site Visitors Really Want Most?
  • What do your web site visitors really want most? If you've been operating your site for any length of time, you know that the majority of visitors want certain basics. These include:
What Marketing Approaches Will Work For Your Company?
  • As you carefully consider the importance of the marketing strategies and approaches you choose in reaching your target audience, what message do you hope to communicate to your potential purchasers and clients?
What’s Wrong With My Website?
  • I ask myself that question about once a month. My website looks fine to me, but what are other people seeing? And what are the Search Engines seeing? Here's a checklist of 10 ways to keep your website at peak performance:
Establish Your Online Identity with the Right Web Address
  • The first step toward e-commerce is selecting the name of your site. Your Web address (also called a "URL" Uniform Resource Locator or "Domain Name"), tells customers who you are and how to find you on the Internet.

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